Improv with Chris was amazing! As a design consulting firm, we are on the constant pursuit of team activities that balance constructive learning with creativity. This improv lesson was exactly that. It allowed us to exercise our public speaking, negotiation, and listening skills, while tossing in some inventive and hilarious flair. Everyone – from office manager to strategist to designer – participated, and each person got something significant out of the session. Chris was organized and structured, making the whole group feel at ease and excited. Months later, we still talk about some of the skills we learned and the fun that we had.

Ginny Miller, Innovation Strategist @ Idea Couture

After reading Daniel Pink’s book, “To Sell Is Human”, we felt that our sales team would benefit from learning how to integrate lessons learned from understanding Improv better in order to improve sales. Your participation in our workshop was skillfully and sensitively handled and opened up our eyes as to how listen better for clues. I’ve no doubt you will be invited back again. Thank you.

Steve Severaid, Principal @ The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International